I have the pleasure of investigating many art materials and processes, as an artist and as an instructor. My artwork has taken me to many cities and towns, exhibiting around the world, and currently working between Sussex, England, and Baltimore, MD, in the US. Painting, drawing, and assemblage are among my favorite pastimes and I consider myself very fortunate to have made my way through life doing what most inspires me. Much of my work is commissioned, for both private collections and commercial spaces, including portraits and murals, but when time permits, I love to conceptualize and create projects presently and directly related to my personal experiences.  It has become increasingly important to me that my life and my art be inextricably related, that my life be largely about creation, and my creations be fueled by personal events.

Apart from art making, I am passionate about travel, meeting people, trying new things, preparing and eating foods of all sorts, live music, being outdoors, collaborating with other artists, and learning about various cultures and their traditions. I have sailed on a wooden tall ship, stood atop Mexican pyramids, climbed the Colorado Rockies and the Brecon Beacons, picnicked in the gardens of Versailles, and fell in love in & with the beautiful East Sussex landscape.